7 Best Knee Scooters for Foot Surgery

If you are passing through the hard recovery time of foot, leg, or knee surgery and facing difficulty to move around, you probably land in the right place! Since this article is all about your problems and their painless solutions.

Actually, I can understand the feeling of having a bad accident then going through painful surgery and after which to move around with the crutches is another sort of torture and misery. This is why we shortlisted some best knee scooters that are great alternatives to crutches after foot surgery.

To me, it would be pretty hard to roam around on the internet to find the best knee scooter for travel while having leg, foot, knee or any other surgery. For only this reason our researcher made it easy for you to by choosing these 7 incredible knee scooters from the best and experienced brands in the market of knee scooters.

1) ELENKER Economy – Best Scooter For Foot Surgery

best scooter for foot surgery

ELENKER has integrated high-quality memory foam in the seat of knee rest that would evenly distribute all the pressure of your leg and make you feel comfortable and pain-free.

Sometimes while placing a leg on the same surface continuously causes irritation and aching to the knee, for that reason ELENKER knee pad memory foam is added that gives you maximum comfort.

Moreover, this knee pad is tool-free adjustable. You can easily adjust the height of this knee pad as per requirement.

Near the ergonomic handgrips, locking brakes are engineered for slowing down or stopping the scooter in any dangerous situation. By using this feature, you can easily lock the breaks for preventing any accident.

For fixing the brake line, a break line fixing ring is added on the tube of a knee walker that you can hold conveniently and fix the line.

You can adjust the best knee walker for the elderly by ELENKER in any sleek space as it can fold easily and get compact. And same as this knee scooter can be easily released from folding by releasing the fold switch.

Because of the ELENKER economy knee walker’s 300lbs weight capacity, you won’t have to drag it from place to place instead you can lift it conveniently because of the handiness.

However, ELENKER is offering you many other styles and designs of knee walkers and scooters that you can take fancy of them.

  • Padded knee rest.
  • Adjustable knee pad.
  • Locking breaks.
  • Light-weighted.
  • A little bit pricey.
Thoughts for this product

ELENKER economy knee scooter is more than the cozy and comfy product for making your ride easy and joyous. With the folding design and breaking locks, it is simply worth it for anyone.

2) Kids Knee Walker – Scooter For Broken Foot

scooter for broken foot

Let’s start with the great claim of the brand!

According to the brand of Kids knee walker, this is the lightest knee scooter in the market among all other knee walkers. With the weight of just 18.2lbs, Kids Pediatric crutches alternatives are really very light and sturdy.

This knee walker is made with durable and sturdy material for prolonging the life of this product.

For providing your child excellent control and stability over this knee walker, 6-inches of foam added in the wheels of this knee scooter. Through which kids can ride this indoor as well as outdoor with maximum stability.

A comfortable 3-inch cushion pad is contoured in the Kids pediatric knee walker for comfort and coziness. Along with that, the height adjustment feature is also there for making this knee walker convenient for everyone.

For stopping immediately or slowing down the speed simple push-button parking brake and reliable drum brake system are integrated for your kid’s safety and protection.

The folding mechanism can be easily released and then you can store the Kid alternative to crutches after foot surgery anywhere.

As children don’t leave home before gathering their plenty of essentials like a sweater, lunch, water bottle, snacks, and toys with them so that a storage basket is added on the front side of this knee walker, where your kid can place any belonging of her or him.

  • Padded cushions.
  • Adjustable height.
  • This product doesn’t have any downside.
Thoughts for this product

Kids’ pediatric knee walker is tactfully designed for the safety and quick recovery of kids with a plethora of helpful features.

3) OasisSpace – Scooter For Ankle Injuries

scooter for ankle injuries

OasisSpace specially designed this knee walker as the best knee scooter for ankle surgery. The main feature of this knee walker that makes it different from all other knee walkers is it easy to maneuver features.

The wheels of OasisSpace steerable knee scooter are made by using 8-inches of PVC because of which these wheels are capable enough to pass through smoothly over the rugged and rough surface.

Moreover, 8 inches PVC wheels would keep this knee scooter in balance and stable. And while passing through the uneven terrain OasisSpace won’t let you feel pain or discomfort.

For reducing pain, friction, and skin irritation, an ergonomic designed comfortable knee pad included in it.

OasisSpace knee walker can be compact and fold easily for transporting and storing it in less space conveniently.

You can take your important essentials and belongings with you as there is a large basket for carrying stuff that is hooked in the knee walker.

People who are still hanging between the crutches and knee scooters pay attention here as there is something special for making them relax about knee walker.

OasisSpace approved its product from the highest medical standard FDA for making their customers very clear about their choice. Therefore, your safety and protection are guaranteed.

  • PVC wheels.
  • Comfortable knee pad.
  • FDA approved.
  • This knee walker is not very light.
Thoughts for this product

Like all other orthopedic knee scooters, this is also equipped with almost the same features but the main and great difference of this knee walker so far is its approval from the FDA. And I think along with all other amazing features if someone is getting approval of this product he or she must go with it.

4) KneeRover All Terrain – 3 Wheel Knee Scooter

3 wheel knee scooter

For making the device easy to use for the user, 12 inches pneumatic tires engineered in the KneeRover steerable knee scooter.

Usually, a person who is going to the recovery time of lower leg surgery feels hesitant to move around. And every on the pace a fear of danger pinches him or her, but if it ensured completely to him/her that nothing bad isn’t going to happen he or she will feel relaxed and confident to recover quicker by making efforts.

KneeRover thoughtfully designed this knee walker to make the recovery time of the injured person quicker. The pneumatic and smooth tires of this knee scooter would give you a smooth ride from the uneven plains and sidewalk gaps.

This knee walker is pretty stable and durable. To prolong the durability of KneeRover, this knee scooter is made by using heavy-duty material so that the frame of KneeRover is pretty durable and sturdy.

However, KneeRover equipped a stabilizer in this knee walker for giving the rider stable, balance, and smooth ride.

Immediately and exactly stopping or reducing the speed of this ride on time push-button parking breaks added to the KneeRover.

Along with that, an adjustable 3-inches cushion seat fitted in the KneeRover all-terrain steerable knee scooter for providing your knee rest complete ease and convenience.

  • Pneumatic tires.
  • Push-button parking button.
  • Wheels of the product are not that good.
Thoughts for this product

For smooth and balanced ride one can rely on this knee scooter as stability, durability, and balance is this products’ first priority.

5) KneeRover Steerable – Fully Adjustable Knee Scooter

fully adjustable knee scooter

Well, for a long time we have almost discussed the same features and designs of knee walkers. Therefore, this is time to discover something and important about knee scooters.

Everyone needs to pay attention here as I’m going to mention an important attribute. We know very well that knee walker is the product made for the use of a person that is injured to some extent.

Since it should make sure while making a purchase that safety should be there. Always go with the knee scooter that gives you protection and stability on every surface type either sidewalk gaps or uneven terrains.

While looking over this important aspect of knee walkers, KneeRover made their product highly protective and safe.

The four 7.5 inches PU wheels and shock absorbing window tactfully made the part of this best knee scooter for ankle surgery, that make this knee walker super stable and under control for outdoor and indoor use.

Surprisingly, just 22.3 lbs weight of KneeRover steerable crutches alternative is purely handy and light to move freely without concern about the surface type.

For immediately stopping and slowing down the speed of knee walker adjustable locking brakes, as well as reliable drum brake systems, are engineered which are capable enough to prevent any accident at the heat of time.

The 3 inches comfortable contoured knee pads added to this knee scooter for accommodating wider and broader space for knee rest.

Its foldable structure and front basket are quite convenient for easily placing this knee walker anywhere and keeping your essentials always close to you.

  • Shock absorbing PU wheels.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Brakes are not too good.
Thoughts for this product

People who are really concerned about the safety threads while riding the knee scooter could confidently go with KneeRover knee scooter as there are special features equipped for ensuring safety and protection.

6) Evolution Steerable – Seated Knee Scooter

seated knee scooter

Almost all brands of knee scooters mainly focus on the knee rest seat and usually try their best to make this part of the knee scooter as cozy as they can. Evolution also did the same thing but they thoughtfully make this seat super comfy by making it a gel seat.

The steering column of this knee walker is too convenient to adjust by own without taking the help of any tool.

Moreover, you can easily fold the Evolution steerable seated knee walker by rotating the front axle at 90 degrees. For people who are living with quite less space can easily place this knee walker in any corner of their house. You would find great portability and compatibility with this knee scooter.

Moreover, you can find your required level or height for the feeling of a comfortable ride by adjusting both steering and cushion padded seat’s height.

This product is mainly designed for the person who is going to face the pain of surgery so that there is a front basket for fitted on the front side of the Evolution knee scooter where you can keep your medicines, snakes, water/juice bottle, or any other personal belongings.

This convenient basket is quite helpful for those who are habitual of traveling with their essentials.

  • 90-degree rotatable front axle.
  • Comfy and cozy gel seat.
  • Adjustable steering and seat.
  • A bit pricey.
Thoughts for this product

For comfort seekers with safety too would find this product pretty much offensive.

7) KneeRover PRO – Heavy Duty Knee Scooter

heavy duty knee scooter

In the world of best orthopedic knee scooters, KneeRover has been doing a great job for its customers for several years and maybe that is why it is a well-known and experienced brand in today’s market.

From the name of this product, you can easily understand how stable this knee walker would be on all types of surfaces. For walking around on the grass, gravel, dirt, and uneven terrains smoothly, 12-inches pneumatic tires equipped with it.

While riding on KneeRover pro-all-terrain knee walker you forget all pains and discomfort of your surgery for some instance.

For training wheels of this knee scooter a stabilizer and automotive-style, the tie-rod steering mechanism is engineered in the KneeRover pro knee walker. You can easily estimate that through these astonishing features you will master the trick of moving often with the knee scooter.

Now, let’s move towards another incredible feature and that is great durability. KneeRover used heavy-duty aluminum and constructed it with a double bar body for prolonging the durability of this knee walker.

For quickly recovering any lower leg surgery, an amazing shock absorbing technology engineered in KneeRover pro-all-terrain knee walker.

However, the enhancing stability and easy transport storage system of this knee scooter is pretty much satisfying. You can fold this knee walker and keep it everywhere.

  • 12-inch pneumatic wheels.
  • Easy to maneuver.
  • Easy to store.
  • This product doesn’t have any con.
Thoughts for this product

KneeRover pro-all-terrain knee walker is mainly designed on the idea of ensuring maximum stability, balance, and easy maneuverability. With a perfect price range and plenty of helpful and important features, this knee scooter is a great cashback.


While summing up my thoughts I must say that whenever it comes to your health never ever make any decision on your own! Instead, involve you, doctor, too. You might be thinking of your problem, not on that level at which it should be thought so that, if your doctor will consult you about a particular thing it would be safe and healthy.

However, professionally, all discussed orthopedic knee scooters are recommended to you after researching them significantly and taking tests and trials under the directions of professionals.

Moreover, you can also feel and judge the difference between walking with the help of crutches or by riding a knee scooter.

In fact, on some particular cases of injuries, doctors used to advise for moving around on knee walkers as I said earlier that they help the patient out to recover faster.

So, feel free and confident to go with any comfy alternative to crutches after foot surgery from this guide.

Types of injuries where you can use a knee scooter

Can I use a knee scooter after knee surgery or should I only move around with the help of crutches? This is quite an obvious thought for anyone who is recovering from surgery. Well, as mentioned above those people who are recovering from the foot, knee, or lower leg surgery, will be the perfect user of the knee scooter.

Nevertheless, these knee scooters proved very helpful for the quick recovery of patients because of the stability, and maximum balance feature. And we compare them to crutches, knee scooters are far better for many reasons.

Benefits of a knee walker

Plenty of benefits of a knee walker are there. By placing crutches and knee walkers side by side, we came to know that certainly knee walker would come first as far as ease is concerned that is an important concern for everyone who is going through the pain.

Actually, mastering the trick to use crutches easily takes time as well as a lot of practice. Otherwise, crutches don’t help you at all instead they will hurt you badly if you will use them continuously.

Moving around with the help of crutches for just 15 to 20 minutes makes you feel very fatigued and your armpits through which you hold them also get harmed.

So that knee walker will help you a lot more than the crutches. In fact, these would help you to recover faster. Now the question raised here for new ones is how to use a knee scooter? Or how do you walk with the knee scooter?

Surprisingly, knee scooters are thoughtfully designed for ensuring maximum balance, stability, and comfort to the person who is recovering a lower leg, knee, or foot surgery and make him or her feel comfortable while moving.

Continuing to this, a person feels more hesitation and danger to move around and even just stand with the help of crutches and this fear is quite pure as well as new for them. As there is no proper support equipped in the crutches and a person has to walk with them on their own so that one must think about having an accident. And this thought doesn’t let him or her move around often which is not a good sign for recovering faster.

But when it comes to knee walker/scooter, perfect support with great balance and stability is there that makes the patient joyous and to move around without any fear.

Other than balance, stability, and support, the adjustability is also another incredible and handy feature of the knee scooter. The adjustable knee seat and steering wheel of the knee walker allow every rider to adjust it by your requirements.

How do you get around non-weight Bearing?

One got a pair of crutches or knee walker from his or her doctor at a time of recovering from any lower leg surgery because you are not even allowed to stand on exerting weight or pressure on your lower leg.

But which one will be more convenient than others? This has to decide you and it would be easy to go with the comfy one if you’ll keep on reading that how do you walk with a knee scooter or crutches?

I’m going to favor neither knee walker nor crutches. I would simply put down the important features and safety precautions that one needs to keep an eye on while prioritizing one of them.

If you are going to go with the crutches what you need to look for moving around safely and comfortably.

  • Comfortable cushions on holding points.
  • The appropriate size of crutches.
  • Safely designed tips.

Let’s discuss why these three basic features of crutches are pretty much important.

  • Comfortable cushions on holding points

If someone asks me to choose only one feature from these three I would recommend this one because of its importance and necessity.

Usually, we walk with crutches by exerting pressure on them with the help of our armpits and wrist or hands. Eventually, our whole body weight is relying on crutches so that if the holding points of crutches won’t have comfortable cushions, our underarms and wrists would bother very badly.

However, sometimes, crutches come with quite thin pads which are the same as no padding or cushions. Therefore, examine the padding of crutches keenly for walking tension and pain-free.

  • The appropriate size of crutches

To choose an appropriate size of crutches is another mandatory aspect to consider while making an investment. If you won’t consider the size of crutches you may end up with the smaller or longer size of crutches as compared to your size.

Moreover, if your crutches would shorter than you will surely feel backache after moving with those crutches for just 5 to 6 minutes and difficulty while setting pace will also be there.

Same as if you’ll get large sized crutches you’d even not be able to walk with them by making balance and stability. And you will try to do so your armpits would get harm and might be injured inadequately.

Since do check out the size of crutches for avoiding these situations.

  • Safely designed tips

A wise decision about the perfect crutches couldn’t be made if someone doesn’t analyze the tips of crutches.

As one has to walk in every sort of weather windy, rainy, or snowy and for the reason tips of the crutches should be designed in a way that one can move safely on even slippery surfaces.

While looking over this requirement of the user, many crutches manufacturer companies used to add non-slip rubber over the tip of both crutches. Other than that tips of crutches designed very even and smooth for ensuring maximum safety for walking with them in any harsh weather.

These are a few important features that must be equipped with all crutches for preventing any accident or danger.

Well, on the condition that you are going to have the best knee scooter for foot surgery, here are some attributes to consider. Have a look!

  • Adjustable and comfortable knee rest.
  • Safety, balance, and stability.

Let’s discuss why these three basic features of crutches are pretty much important.

  • Adjustable and comfortable knee rest

The seat where you have to place your injured knee ought to be quite comfortable, cozy and wide since you can safely ride.

Other than that, the knee rest seat should be conveniently adjustable so that you can adjust it by you as you feel comfortable.

  • Safety, balance, and stability

If we talk about safety, it should be greatly equipped in the wheel of the knee walker. Therefore you would be able to ride it with maneuverability on uneven surfaces.

As you know very well that if the knee scooter would ensure you proper balance and stability it will automatically be safe.

  • Durability

This durability should be a leading aspect of every product as you spend money on this. And if your knee scooter is durable enough it would surely be the best knee scooter for travel.


Get well soon!

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