7 Reasons Why You Should Use a Knee Scooter

why you should use a knee scooter

Crutches are completely out of date these days. Knee scooters are a modern-day alternative that makes it much easier for people to get around compared to the pain, stiffness and physical discomfort of using crutches.

This two, three or four-wheeled walker is used to support your injured leg, allows you to move freely. Without putting pressure on the affected leg it saves it from further injury. It is also known as a knee walker, knee cruiser, knee caddy, and many more names.

Why you should use a knee scooter?

No one wants dependency if you have leg/ foot injury or other lower part disability, but want to do all your chores by yourself. Then you may need any mobility aid, that can help you to move from one place to another place and continue to do your daily chores comfortably.

This unusual design guarantees an elevation of the injured leg and decreases the risk of putting weight on the foot and hurting it again.

It is easy to use simply lock the hand brakes to use a knee scooter, grip the handlebars, place your broken leg onto the rest of the knee frame, enable the brakes and start moving using your healthy leg to move forward or backward.

Knee walkers allow you to comfortably cover a considerably greater distance. 

When to use a knee scooter?

A knee scooter can be used in multiple situations. Some people also use knee scooters before surgery. When the patient is injured and he is going to have surgery soon he may need a walker’s weight-bearing support before being operated on wounds such as ulcer or diabetic wounds, Achilles tendon rupture and surgery of foot and ankle, and some may need before surgery when the procedure has to do with leg or foot amputation.

This knee caddy can also be used after surgery when a patient is healing from the surgery, this scooter will help them to move around when shielding their newly fixed and delicate leg or foot. It helps you to stay active.

Who should use a knee scooter?

A knee scooter is not recommended for everyone. It is not suitable for people having hip or knee surgeries.

It is advisable if a person has a foot injury, lower leg injury, foot injury, post-surgical conditions or any kind of disability that don’t allow someone to move on his feet. This is because the weight-bearing support system is intended to help you heal or at least make the recovery much easier.

It can also be helpful for older people who may have some difficulty in walking or moving, they can use them for a shorter or longer period.

Benefits of a Knee scooter:

A knee scooter is very beneficial for the users with ankle or foot injury, it requires less upper body strength by resting the affected leg on the keypad, keep the leg in a non-weight bearing angle.

It helps you to do most of the duties which require your both hand in standing position. It comes with a basket for storage.

More comfortable than Crutches

 When it comes to comfort, a Knee scooter is more comfortable than the unstable crutches. Crutches depend on the strength of the person, to bear the weight of their injured leg and it also may cause further injury while using them.

You may get tired of using crutches after some time, while a knee scooter gives you extra comfort to travel more distance.

Easy to use

Whereas knee scooters are easier to use and help users in moving easily without putting extra weight on affected leg or foot and it also minimizes the chance of further injuries. More ever knee scooters are easy for traveling and moving around.

More Stable

Knee scooters are more stable and are easy to control than the crutches. You can adjust its height of the handlebar, knee platform, and also the width of the knee pad. They are lower to the ground which provides extra stability. and lessen the chances to slip on a wet floor


What is a knee scooter used for?

A knee Scooter is a motility helping device is used as a substitution of crutches and wheelchairs. It is designed to put your injured leg’s weight on the knee pad and help you to move around and provides safety to prevent it from further injury. It is suitable for all the people with permanent disability of lower body or who has temporary fractured ankle or foot.

Can I use a knee scooter after knee surgery?

No, a knee scooter is not recommended for everyone. It is not suitable for people having hip or knee surgeries.

Can you sit on a knee scooter?

Yes, you can sit on a knee scooter. It is designed to support your knee and move around.

But standing up and sitting down with a knee walker will always take some getting used to.

However, NEVER use the knee walker to switch into sitting positions.

NEVER use the walker to raise yourself upright while seated, or for balance. Knee scooters are very heavy and can tip over in the process and drag you down. Instead, using the chair’s arms for this purpose.

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